Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Stitches West (Part 2) Feb 2018-- The Yarn and Goodies

    Even though I certainly do not need yarn, there is no way to go to a knitting convention with a huge marketplace, and not buy something... I used my lovely daughter as an excuse to shop.  She has taken up crochet and within a year she's gone from washcloths to garments and with her sister in law, has started a on line crochet shop "Cali and Cleveland" and even designed a basket pattern .  So of course she needs some things.

I found a great crochet book for her.  The Complete Crochet Course by the The Shibaguyz
and a beautiful top to knit for her.   

DK weight Hemp for Knitting 

Made from Hemp yarn, from She chose a lovely burgundy color and I'm working on the project now...I actually have knit and reknit it twice..but the yarn has become softer to work with and will wash out softer still.  Lots of markers, lots of counting, definitely not a chat and knit project. 

So now for me  :)  Even though I don't need another project (did I say that already???) 

I did find two items.  Things I've been looking at for a bit.

Knit Picks had a booth this year and I've been eyeing this afghan for a long while.   If you get their catalog, you have probably seen it.  Well the yarn is lovely to the touch and although I hardly ever knit an afghan (prefer Crochet) this is done in a Mitered pattern, which is fun for me.  
It is time consuming, yet it is a pattern that is perfect to knit in a just flows.   The Hue Shift Afghan.  (I'm all about making a Shift, check it out-- lol)

The other booth that interested me was Craftsy.. I have been a fan for a long time and just recently signed up for Craftsy Unlimited.   (but it just seems that there is not enough time in the day to watch all the videos).  
There was a Ravelry Knit-along with Romi Hill and I could not pass this up..never did a knit-along this was new to me and actually got me going on the project right away.   The biggest challenge was choosing the colors.  

This is the Sierra Shawl and the colors I choose reminded me of driving through the mountains to Lake Tahoe and the lake.  As of now the shawl is in it's last stages and I'm almost ready to do an 
i-cord bind off to add something extra to the edge.  

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it.   
Hum... I may have picked up a few tiny things,
 but maybe not.   

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