Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Challenge Accepted-Double Knitting

It seems as if it took me 3 years to finally feel comfortable with Brioche knitting.   I took numerous classes both live and online ( from the most knowledgable people in the field.  I repeated the classes, created multiple practice projects and read every book Nancy Marchant wrote.  Brioched in single color, two color, flat and in the round.  It finally sunk in....the most difficult thing in knitting for me....ever.   I must admit that I'm not at 100% and probably never will be, but I challenged myself and feel great about the result.

This year the challenge is Double Knitting...I've taken a few classes, but never created a project.  This year in February I'll be traveling on a Craft Cruise to Australia and New Zealand with Lucy Neatby as our instructor.    Although there is no double knitting class aboard ship, I know the motivation to learn more about double knit will be there.

Wednesday, January 08, 2020

One, Two and Three- Andrea Mowry Knits

My Daughter loves Andrea Mowry Designs

Kate is a Crocheter (her plan is is learn how to knit this year), but after discovering Andrea Mowry designs she asked if I would knit a few for her.   Well of course, what an thrill to be able to knit her something she likes, and of course all color selections are under her guidance.   

Here's are the 5 sweaters I created.

My previous post, last August (Sorry about that...too much knitting to do) showed the beginning of the Throwback cardigan.  Since then I finished Kate's and a second for my Mentee Gaby 
(cascade 220).

The is the Weekender ---Brooklyn Tweed Shelter yarn
My first AM creation----Wool and Honey, lots of yarn overs (wrapped stitches) give the long floats to create the design.   (Jan 1, 2019-Jan 24, 2019)

The most recent creation.   Shifty with Spincycle Dyed in the Wool yarns.   Super soft and I used a smaller needle to do the work.