Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Knitting Recap 2018

Good thing I take photos of my work (most of the time) and good thing the photos are dated in the program.  Some of these patterns are on Ravelry, some from purchases at markets or shops and some from my collection.  

Royal Jacket (Elizabeth Knits) 
Home made Blocking board

Lola Headwrap  Oct 2018

Quilted Princess (Elizabeth Knits) Oct. 2018

crochet- cat pod

Hand warmers  misc. patterns 
All over Lace   Lanaknits

quilted princess (Jan 2018) Elizabeth Knits

Love Heart crochet (Elizabeth Knits)

Pussy Hats April 2018

Hansel  by Gudrun Johnston  June 2018

My Market Bags

Silverleaf  Isager Strik Alpaca Aug 2018

Entrelac Cowl- noro silk garden Nov 2018

Mackinac Beanie by Heather Anderson

Looped on YouTube Nov 2018

High Sierra Shawl  Room Hill (Nov 2018)

my design  

C2C  dec 2018

Crochet simple gloves by Bronislava  (Dec 2018)

Strip Quilt for Butte Dec 2018

Men and Women's Cable Gloves #617 (Dec 2018)

Slalom from Guys Knit  Nathan Taylor (Nov 2018)

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