Thursday, January 26, 2012

2011 knitting completed

2011--Some my own design, some not 
Some I have no photos   Socks, scarfs, etc 

I know the shows on the needles but it is complete,   My daughter is wearing it as I type ..yarn from String in Manhattan,   bulky Italian Cashmere, the most wonderful feeling yarn I have ever knit!!!

Also completed  Vogue Caplet  in Debbie Bliss Wool    

Monday, January 16, 2012

Stash busting!!

 I joined a site that is stash busting and here is the link, you may be interested in doing the same.
The Destash Challenge

Last year I decided to knit every pattern in Knit One, Knit All by Elizabeth Zimmerman using all stash yarns (see previous posts) and  although Holiday gift knitting postponed that project, I am back on track.

Another use of my stash----A few weeks ago I just happened to stop at one of the local yarn shops, Sonoma Yarn and a guest author was presenting a trunk show that happy about this show, but had to wait a while.  So it was off to lunch at The Hacienda for my favorite fish taco..then back for the show.

The author is Sandra McIver and she is absolutely a genius..her book knit, swirl is beautiful and the designs are lovely.   The most amazing thing is that one size sweater fit perfectly on women of various sizes!! One young lady, who had to be a size 2, tried on a swirl and then another woman put the exact same swirl on (she was at least 6 inches taller and many sizes larger) and the sweater hung and draped perfectly on her also!!! It was just amazing.   I don't think I would have believed how gorgeous the sweaters looked if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.    Take a look at the designs.   knit, swirl
After much swatching  and combining yarns, I choose to use Melody by JOJOland (purchased at the Adventures in Knitting event in Provincetown Mass in 2010)  and a silk and merino yarn from A Touch of Twist (purchased in Rhinebeck 2009)    At this point I have about 5 welts done, mind you I cast on over 650 stitches!!!