Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pi Shawl

This week has been super busy and the weekend it going to be even more busy &  fantastic.  I'm going to Stitches West- have 3 classes scheduled.  Again I'm so happy to be able to participate in this event.   My knitting has been focused on design and since the classes are all about design, I decided to start a Pi Shawl-  The ladies at Sonoma Yarn have begun a KAL and although they meet on Thurs. nights and I will not be there for a few weeks-the idea of bringing something "easy to knit" along with me to the convention was a no brainer!!! 

Just finished these sweaters and will teach a top down class in May.  I have more sweaters on the webiste

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Publishing on Ravelry

Hi,  Finally finished the revisions, reviews and additions to the pattern I've been working on and although I'm tempted to tweak it a bit more-  I've got to let it go out into the world of knitter's so that they can create this fun, easy, no sew sweater.   The sweater is titled "At the Game" and it was posted to Ravelry (for Sale) this morning.  My Design store is Elizabeth Calabro.    I'm so excited!!!  There are two versions. One is
"At the Game" a basic pattern incorporating short row shaping, top down knitting and no sew techniques
and  "X At the Game" which I consider the extra special instruction sheet, that includes photo's of all the steps and detailed instructions.   I personally love to make this sweater and I decided that although my goal was to design instructions enabling the beginner to have total success--the experienced knitter should have the option to purchase a pattern and not download all those extra pages.    

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Back on Track

Created a schedule for myself and I'm happy to report that I have accomplished so much in the last few days.  Figured out how to use the timer and video features to my satisfaction.  Will have videos to share soon on via my website.  Short row wrapping-finally found a great technique that makes sense to me.   http://www.elizabethknits.com/

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Making Time Work

I'm not sure excactly when it happened, but I have lost control of my time.   My life has always been regimented, controlled by bells and schedules, due dates and meetings.  Now I'm totally to my own devices.  I taught time management, created detailed plans, schedules and agendas for large and small groups of people and rarely felt overwhelmed by this.  Now I have "all the time in the world" and it just doesn't seem to be enough.  Is it that after all those years of working and  raising my daughter, that this freedom I have now has spoiled me???  I can knit, travel, sleep late, eat, read and do nothing when I want to and not based on when I have to.    There are so many things I intend to do now and I'm feeling "a lot" overwhelmed----I guess it time to make a daily schedule-but without the bells.

A peek at the beginning of My Pattern "At the Game"- still working out the final draft and will be posting to Ravelry (ElizSCKnits)

I did finish these socks though - great instructions and Chris loves the socks.  He actually asked me to make him another pair.