Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Publishing on Ravelry

Hi,  Finally finished the revisions, reviews and additions to the pattern I've been working on and although I'm tempted to tweak it a bit more-  I've got to let it go out into the world of knitter's so that they can create this fun, easy, no sew sweater.   The sweater is titled "At the Game" and it was posted to Ravelry (for Sale) this morning.  My Design store is Elizabeth Calabro.    I'm so excited!!!  There are two versions. One is
"At the Game" a basic pattern incorporating short row shaping, top down knitting and no sew techniques
and  "X At the Game" which I consider the extra special instruction sheet, that includes photo's of all the steps and detailed instructions.   I personally love to make this sweater and I decided that although my goal was to design instructions enabling the beginner to have total success--the experienced knitter should have the option to purchase a pattern and not download all those extra pages.    

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