Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Knitting on Zoom/ Staying Connected

More Zoom knitting  

In addition to meeting with a group from my class at Vintage House in Sonoma, I have been zoom knitting with others as well.   Over the years there have been various groups of knitters group in town.  We have met at Pubs, Parks and Churches.   There was no question that meeting together would be part of our Covid life, but the only way to do it was via Zoom.   My local friends (and those who have moved away) and I met weekly for a few hours...knitting or crocheting, sharing our lives and helping each other out not only with knitting tips but with emotional support.. we know that we have each other as friends.  Soon we will be meeting at the Pub..lunch outside, masks on and together.  

So I thought, what about those life long friends who knit....shall we meet also?    So yes, we have been meeting..once or twice a month.   It's been wonderful..and knitting had helped my friends refocus and create some calm in their lives.   It may be a long while til we are together again but that's OK, I get to see them now.   

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Knit Happens Again

Sonoma Vintage House Live "Knit Happens" began May 11th.   

We have been  Zoom knitting over the last year+ and it has been wonderful to share time, tips and techniques with the group.   In addition to knitting (or crochet) we have kept each other company, made connections and created a way to socialize.   It's been wonderful to have an event to look forward to.

Now we have the opportunity to go live again.   People gather together and I troubleshoot issues and answer questions about knitting/crochet.  We will be meeting outside (as weather permits), masks on, hands washed/sanitized and ready to knit or crochet.    There will be limited space and everyone must sign up ahead of time...no walk ins.      Class will meet from 10:30 to Noon on Tuesdays.   

If you are in Sonoma on a Tuesday, please join me.    Knit Happens on Tuesdays 10:30 to Noon

Saturday, May 01, 2021

Favorite Yarn Shops Bay Area

So Happy to say that Sonoma has a new yarn shop!!!!!!

Noma Knits is fulfilling our dreams of having a local shop back in town.  https://nomaknits.com
Our local knitters are very happy to see Marie's smiling face and the beautiful shop she has created.   

Wouldn't you love to shop here???  There is a coffee shop right next door and the library across the street.   Oh and did I tell you...it's located 3 blocks from my home....Love it.   

In addition to yarns by Berroco, MadTosh, Manos de Uruguay you will find locally sourced yarns and of course all the other needles and notions you will need to complete your project.  

There is an On-line shop and you can find Noma Knits on Facebook and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/nomaknits/.   

The shop is located at 
730 W Napa St., Sonoma California 

Hope to see you there.....

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Knitting for Food- April 11, 2021

Happy Earth Day

On April 11th, I spend the entire day crocheting hats and it was all for a great cause.    "Knit for Food" 12 hour knit-athon was created by Laura Nelkin. With the input, assistance and work of an amazing group of people, over $270,000 was raised to be donated to the following organizations:

World Central Kitchen

Meals on Wheels

Team No Kid Hungry

Feeding America 

It was a great day and I know that so much work went into organizing and running the day.   Thank you everyone for all you did.    There was a Zoom meeting for most of the day, great presentations and togetherness.   I know that the plan is to hold this event again next year (maybe March) and I'm ready to sign up.   

I  Zoomed with my donors during the day.. and everyone asked how I was holding up..fatigue?  Hand pain?   The thing is I felt great...no pain, loads of energy..  that's what doing for others does for you!!!

Perhaps you want to join in next year to knit or make a donation.   This was so gratifying and up lifting and I will share info about 2022 when it comes available.    

What I finished:  

A special treat 


Monday, December 07, 2020

Finishing up all those projects and a little sorting and storage solution

 Have you ever gotten to the point that you really had no idea what you had? 

I'm speaking of yarn of course.   Well when it got to the point that I could not even reach a bag of yarn in my walk-in closet because the floor was covered with bags and boxes... I took the plunge and bought a cubic storage system and clear and also fabric storage boxes.  Watching the "Home Edit" on Netflix got me started on this mindset.   I did have a Pintrest page dedicated to yarn storage ...yet could not bring myself to actually do the work (and it was work....I had to rest the entire next day after finishing my building and sorting etc.)  

This is a Kouski Portable Storage Cube System.  I had seen this system on other people's Pinterest posts. It took me about 2 hours to put together by myself.  If you follow directions (novel thought) and be sure to include all stabilizing clips you will be fine.

cubes with yarn organized by weight and/or projectAlthough this may look a little messy, it is so organized.  I can go to my Sock weight yarn bin, or my designated project bin and find just what I what or need.   Extra circular needles are up top, in a case (I used a photo case) and bits of acrylic yarn to add to baby afghans are on top also.  

I used a hanging shoe storage system to keep bags and tags. In a corner there are stackable clear bins filled with yarn collections. 
Yes, collections as in an Art Gallery.  

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

RECAP. Jan - Aug. 2020

Off the Needles from Jan-Aug 2020

The Love of Spiders- Melanie Berg
Cloudborne Merino Superwash & Elevate Fiber Arts Silky Merino.

Quilted Princess by Me Elizabeth Knits ElizscKnits @ Ravelry
Softee Yarns. 


Miss B by Nancy Merchant
Rowan Kids Silk Haze  gray and lavender

Winter on My Mind
by Melanie Berg
Polwoth Yarns Tarndie Homestead

Purple Princes Quilted Jacket in Simply Soft 
Sofia in Cascade Sport by my designs on Ravelry Elizscknits 

Still on the Needles 

Anita's Hoodie my design  released Sept 15th 2020, Cascade 220 Sport 
Hue Shift Blanket-A Knit Picks Kit, 
Windor Jacket- Jane Spice-Smith and her yarns. (my Australian splurge)
#jojiKal2020 Hipster Cowl in Allpaca Village Spinning and Weaving 3 ply prime

Monday, October 05, 2020

Oatlands & Hobart, Tasmania

 I really don't know what I thought Tasmania would be like... a wilderness, rough terrain and hardly anyone around.   Well it was a little of that, but not completely.  We took a tour from Port Arthur and the vistas were outstanding.

And one day we traveled from Hobart to Oatland, a tiny village in the countryside.   Of course this visit was about getting to a lovely yarn shop and to have a cup of tea and crumpets. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Vogue 2020

Vogue Live is Now "Vogue Knitting's Live Virtual Events" !!!!

Of course there is nothing like spending time with other knitters, enjoying a fashion show and browsing the market and of course, sitting in a classroom with an expert designer, knitter and instructor, but this is the next best thing considering the state of the world right now. A Zoom class, ability to ask questions and learn so much more.    And speaking of the world, in my virtual classes there are students from all over the world.   I even took a sock class in Spanish (more about why later).

I have taken classes in Double Knit with Alasdair Post Quinn (2),  Crochet Top down Design with Stephanie Erin, Math for knitter's with Kate Atherley, attended discussions with Las Tres Amigas and Erika Knight.  I was reintroduced to Knit Companion...an Ipad program that I had and never used and now love.    So much fun and I'm comfy at home.   And best of all the prices are reasonable and there are so many options.   Loving this new mode of learning,  

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Favorite Yarn shops Cape Cod

Summers in Cape Cod-I've been going there for many years, to visit a great friend.  Vacationed with my daughter 20 yrs ago, or to meet a group of friends from high school or just hung out with my friend for a while.  The Cape is Beautiful.    In addition to the quaint towns, fantastic lobster rolls and cod, a beautiful seashore and lighthouse, there is yarn.   I've been to a few shops around the Cape but these are 2 of my favorites (and you can shop online.)

Adventures in Knitting-This is a shop I visit every time I'm in Chatham.  Even attending a weekend retreat that they sponsored in Provincetown over 12 years ago.   It was lovely and the featured instructor was Vivian Hoxbo..my introduction to Domino Knitting.  Loved it.

Now when I visit, it to see Claire (a wonderful and talented instructor) and to sit and knit with the girls.   This shop is fantastic; big, roomy, a huge selection of yarns, books and other knit/crochet essentials and an  instructional and meeting area with a table that fits at least 20 people.  I know that for now with Covid that if they do meet it's outside in the parking lot socially distanced and with masks.   https://www.adventuresinknitting.com

A Great Yarn. So sad to say that this wonderful little used book and new yarn shop is closing by the end of the year.  All items are 15% off in September and each month that percentage will go up.  They carry beautiful yarns, kits and knitting notions. My friends and I would spend some time in Chatham in August at a local hotel/motel just a few steps from this shop.   I will miss going there...wouldn't it be nice if someone bought it and continued offering this wonderful service to the community

Saturday, September 05, 2020

Tarndiwot - Australia Feb 2020

Tarndie.  Feb 27, 2020.  
 A beautiful visit to a homestead in Victoria, Australia.  The ride was about 2 hours from Melbourne and the views were outstanding.  The countryside is dotted with sheep and the combination of blue skys, green and golden fields and breathtaking vistas along the way made this ride wonderful.   

When we arrived at the Tarndie Homestead we were greeting warmly by the owners.  Each one took a group through a guided tour, covering the history and workings of this farm.    Very gracious at all times and so proud of the 140 year heritage this family has created on this land. I've included a link to their website so that you can explore for yourself. Our tour included a typical lunch, meat pie and beet salad, served on the veranda of the original home.  Then it was off to shop. 

 You can see the results of my purchase below.  

“Polwarth Sheep are naturally white, however Tarndie has a specialised flock of black + coloured sheep variations in shades that are unique and sought after. The members of the first original flock still grow at Tarndwarncoort + their wool is treasured by crafters all over the world. ”

— Tom Dennis

Winter on My Mind by Melanie Berg
Great Ocean Road Woollen Mill Fine Merino grey
Tarndie Polwarth 4 ply natural-The is a wonderful, soft, smooth yarn and so easy to knit. 

37 Roseneath Rd 
Warncoort VIC 3243