Monday, December 07, 2020

Finishing up all those projects and a little sorting and storage solution

 Have you ever gotten to the point that you really had no idea what you had? 

I'm speaking of yarn of course.   Well when it got to the point that I could not even reach a bag of yarn in my walk-in closet because the floor was covered with bags and boxes... I took the plunge and bought a cubic storage system and clear and also fabric storage boxes.  Watching the "Home Edit" on Netflix got me started on this mindset.   I did have a Pintrest page dedicated to yarn storage ...yet could not bring myself to actually do the work (and it was work....I had to rest the entire next day after finishing my building and sorting etc.)  

This is a Kouski Portable Storage Cube System.  I had seen this system on other people's Pinterest posts. It took me about 2 hours to put together by myself.  If you follow directions (novel thought) and be sure to include all stabilizing clips you will be fine.

cubes with yarn organized by weight and/or projectAlthough this may look a little messy, it is so organized.  I can go to my Sock weight yarn bin, or my designated project bin and find just what I what or need.   Extra circular needles are up top, in a case (I used a photo case) and bits of acrylic yarn to add to baby afghans are on top also.  

I used a hanging shoe storage system to keep bags and tags. In a corner there are stackable clear bins filled with yarn collections. 
Yes, collections as in an Art Gallery.  

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