Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Cruising and Knitting May 2018

I'm somewhere cruising the waterways of Scotland and Ireland.   The Best Yet is that this is knitting cruise... knitting classes on board ship, touring knit shops and mills, visiting design studios and there is even a Wool Festival in Dublin the day we are there...  
Now I have done a knitting cruise before, (with Cat Borhdi) to Alaska and it was fantastic.  It was 3 years ago and I swore that I'd save up and make a trip every year.  But you know how it is, life gets in the way.   I'm sure that I'm on that ship right now..looking into which knitting cruise to take next..
South America?   Australia and New Zealand??   I guess I should enjoy this trip and details to follow.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Sharks and Flowers

Finally can share with you.. a gift for my nieces and nephew.

Crocheted in Simply Soft and adapted from Ravelry Pattern -Free Spirit Knee High slipper sock

And the Shark--
I used "stitch fiddle" a charting program to make the design for the Shark.  Again an adaption from something on online.  The stitch- Block Stitch.  The Yarn - Simply Soft. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Stitches West (Part 2) Feb 2018-- The Yarn and Goodies

    Even though I certainly do not need yarn, there is no way to go to a knitting convention with a huge marketplace, and not buy something... I used my lovely daughter as an excuse to shop.  She has taken up crochet and within a year she's gone from washcloths to garments and with her sister in law, has started a on line crochet shop "Cali and Cleveland" and even designed a basket pattern .  So of course she needs some things.

I found a great crochet book for her.  The Complete Crochet Course by the The Shibaguyz
and a beautiful top to knit for her.   

DK weight Hemp for Knitting 

Made from Hemp yarn, from She chose a lovely burgundy color and I'm working on the project now...I actually have knit and reknit it twice..but the yarn has become softer to work with and will wash out softer still.  Lots of markers, lots of counting, definitely not a chat and knit project. 

So now for me  :)  Even though I don't need another project (did I say that already???) 

I did find two items.  Things I've been looking at for a bit.

Knit Picks had a booth this year and I've been eyeing this afghan for a long while.   If you get their catalog, you have probably seen it.  Well the yarn is lovely to the touch and although I hardly ever knit an afghan (prefer Crochet) this is done in a Mitered pattern, which is fun for me.  
It is time consuming, yet it is a pattern that is perfect to knit in a just flows.   The Hue Shift Afghan.  (I'm all about making a Shift, check it out-- lol)

The other booth that interested me was Craftsy.. I have been a fan for a long time and just recently signed up for Craftsy Unlimited.   (but it just seems that there is not enough time in the day to watch all the videos).  
There was a Ravelry Knit-along with Romi Hill and I could not pass this up..never did a knit-along this was new to me and actually got me going on the project right away.   The biggest challenge was choosing the colors.  

This is the Sierra Shawl and the colors I choose reminded me of driving through the mountains to Lake Tahoe and the lake.  As of now the shawl is in it's last stages and I'm almost ready to do an 
i-cord bind off to add something extra to the edge.  

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it.   
Hum... I may have picked up a few tiny things,
 but maybe not.   

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Knitting at Facebook--yes that Facebook

 I was fortunate to spend some time touring Facebook headquarters with a group of high school students (Sonoma Mentoring) a few months ago.  The Campus is amazing, but it was the people who spoke to the kids and what they had to say that was most effective and impressive to me.  These people are managers, designers, some in the highest level of their departments, taking the time to spend time with the students. 
Their message was clear: 
Work hard, be present.
Look for your passion.
Be part of a team, communicate.
Do not fear mistakes--own up to them, learn how to solve the problem and perhaps that mistake will lead to a better outcome.

So this applies to everything in life...even a little knitting.  

Carrie and I always have our knitting. #knittingbuddies


Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Stitches West 2018 Part 1

Such a treat for me this year.  I had no intention of going in 2018, yet a friend called and said she might be visiting during this time period.  She loves to knit, so of course Stitches had to be part of our time together.   I booked a hotel months in advance.  Well as life happens, her plans changed and although I knew of this at least 5 months before the event, something in me stopped me from cancelling the reservation....I don't know how it is...waiting cus something may pop up.  I certainly don't need yarn, and the classes sell out so quickly, but I waited.

A few things did pop up!!! It just seemed like it was meant to be.

1.  Stitches West is about 1hr 45min. from my home and I have a doctor I visit in the San Jose area every year. As would have it, my scheduled appointment was the week after Stitches...I figured if I could change that appointment to the week of Stitches..kill two birds with one stone!!  I was able to switch my appointment.

2. Very dear friends live in the Santa Clara area..would they be available to meet for dinner?  YES
Love spending time with these wonderful friends.

3.  I'm going on a Knitting Cruise in a few weeks and as a solo traveler, I needed to be matched up to a room-mate for the voyage.   Well guess what, my room-mate was going to be at Stitches!!! So I got to meet her (I'll share tons about the trip in later posts.)

4. Last but not least, a couple of lovely ladies from home were attending the event.  It was wonderful spending time with them.  We knit together with a group one Thursday a month.

Lucky and grateful me...

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Wow the Benefits of Knitting

So much in the News 
about the benefits of Knitting.  ;) 
Take a Look!!!

Knitting in NYC Schools  Louis Boria of Brookyn Boy Knits has a dream that knitting will be taught in every classroom.  Lion Brand helped to get the ball rolling sponsoring the first Yarnementary event at PS 145 in New York city.  
Hear what the kids had to say.

The researchers suggest knitting could 'save the NHS funds'.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Craft Strong- Sonoma Strong

You may be aware of the October fires in Northern California.  I live in this community and must say that people here wanted more then anything to help each other out, in any way they could.  There have been food stations, pet capture stations, fundraising,  facebook pages offering items, free give aways just about anything you could think of that could help those who lost everything.  5000 homes destroyed.  One group that appeared on Facebook.  The goal to create new handmade hats, gloves and scarves.   One women organized this effort and hundreds of items were knit or crocheted for men, women and children who had lost it all.   This had a healing affect for both the crafter and the recipient.    Knowing that each stitch made, with love and care, will comfort another is powerful.  

Knowing that someone cares about you, and in any way they can gives you warmth and acknowledgment, gives strength and empowerment.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

2018 Shipment to Lucille Packard Children's Hospital

I finally got back to crocheting 5 baby afghans for Stanford Children's Hospital (Lucille Packard Children's Hospital)  Here's my own design in a block stitch.

It took a few trials before I was happy with the stitch.  This is crocheted side to side so there are only three strands of color on a row.    I used Simple Soft by Caron.  

Sunday, January 07, 2018

The Quilted Princess

Swing Jacket
Royal Jacket

Last year I designed a swing jacket for girls and based on that design, I wrote a pattern for a boy's jacket.  

I wanted to knit cardigans for a few little girls I know.    As I began to knit the swing jacket, ideas began to flow.   Still using the wide lapel and front band,  I found a quilted knit stitch pattern and added a band..  it works perfectly.  All that was needed was to add a bit of flare.  By increasing stitches below the quilt panel, I created a gathered look.

What do you think?

Now,  I know this may look complicated, but it really is not.
Knit top down and with basic stitches;
knit, purl, make one, knit into front and back (k f/b) and slip stitches and following my motto of seamlessly simple, this design is a winner.  An added feature is making the cuff and bottom edging in a contrasting color.

I'm starting another cardigan in the next few days, so I'll post step by step tips soon.

The pattern comes in sizes 6 months - 6 years and available on Ravelry and Love Knitting.

You don't have to be a Ravelry member to shop.
Buy Quilted Princess Pattern
And since this is really the best time to start your gift crafting for the year for every pattern you order from by Ravelry Shop you get one for free

Knitting the body.
Gathering is done by increasing.  Knit into the front and back of the stitch.  

Picking up stitches for the underarm of the sleeve.