Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Knitting at Facebook--yes that Facebook

 I was fortunate to spend some time touring Facebook headquarters with a group of high school students (Sonoma Mentoring) a few months ago.  The Campus is amazing, but it was the people who spoke to the kids and what they had to say that was most effective and impressive to me.  These people are managers, designers, some in the highest level of their departments, taking the time to spend time with the students. 
Their message was clear: 
Work hard, be present.
Look for your passion.
Be part of a team, communicate.
Do not fear mistakes--own up to them, learn how to solve the problem and perhaps that mistake will lead to a better outcome.

So this applies to everything in life...even a little knitting.  

Carrie and I always have our knitting. #knittingbuddies


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