Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Stitches West 2018 Part 1

Such a treat for me this year.  I had no intention of going in 2018, yet a friend called and said she might be visiting during this time period.  She loves to knit, so of course Stitches had to be part of our time together.   I booked a hotel months in advance.  Well as life happens, her plans changed and although I knew of this at least 5 months before the event, something in me stopped me from cancelling the reservation....I don't know how it is...waiting cus something may pop up.  I certainly don't need yarn, and the classes sell out so quickly, but I waited.

A few things did pop up!!! It just seemed like it was meant to be.

1.  Stitches West is about 1hr 45min. from my home and I have a doctor I visit in the San Jose area every year. As would have it, my scheduled appointment was the week after Stitches...I figured if I could change that appointment to the week of Stitches..kill two birds with one stone!!  I was able to switch my appointment.

2. Very dear friends live in the Santa Clara area..would they be available to meet for dinner?  YES
Love spending time with these wonderful friends.

3.  I'm going on a Knitting Cruise in a few weeks and as a solo traveler, I needed to be matched up to a room-mate for the voyage.   Well guess what, my room-mate was going to be at Stitches!!! So I got to meet her (I'll share tons about the trip in later posts.)

4. Last but not least, a couple of lovely ladies from home were attending the event.  It was wonderful spending time with them.  We knit together with a group one Thursday a month.

Lucky and grateful me...

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