Monday, November 24, 2008

Old news but good news

I attended the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool festival last month with friends. Definitely a great weekend in the Upper Hudson Valley. There were so many delicious yarns and projects awaiting and best of all I went two wonderful workshops. Lily Chin was absolutely a jem, her tips and techiniques for saving time and making knitting so much more enjoyable are like gold. She has a new book coming out soon--definitely one to add to the research stash---that I'm so looking forward to seeing.
This festival is truely a great family event-between the sheep judging, tasty foods, lovely music and beautiful setting, this festival will become a regular event for me and my friends.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Knitting for others II

There have been a few opportunities to help others that have come to light this past week.
Knitting caps for Save the Children

A Scarf for the Special Olympics (
and now a cap to go with the jacket I purchased for a local child in need!!!
This all works out perfectly because I'm not supposed to be on my feet ---so a 3 day crochet and knit fest are in the works!!!!

Surprisingly yarn was not a big draw for the garage sale. Who would have imagined that all that yarn would still be here, more to donate and more hats to make!!!!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Breaking the rules

I'm moving -- not sure when but in the near future and I must reduce the amount of stuff I have in order to make the move less painful. I'm breaking my own rules this weekend because of the

GARAGE SALE. Yes some of my yarn and pattern books are on the selling floor (driveway). I did manage to go throughand sort all my pattern books and magazines. Those I will keep, Vogue Knitting and Cast On and Mon Tricot (yes from the 70's) and of course the Workbasket booklets from the 50's Yes I am selling yarn also---

As you can see there is so much to share!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Hi, Spent the weekend with the Divas. ( my high school friends) It was wonderful seeing everyone in beautiful Northfork NY by the bay. The fortunate thing was that the night before I left for the overnight in Long Island I attended my brothers 55th high school reunion. It was wonderful to see how happy everyone was in seeing old friends and just having the time to talk. Appreciating the opportunity to reconnect was very important, and I realized that our next reunion must be planned soon. I imagine us 20 years from now, still gathering together to share stories and miss those who could not attend.

Knitting has definitely been on the back burner for the week, but look at this wonderful pattern found during the summer at a garage sale. The gentleman I purchased this from had a wealth of information about knitting resources in addition to the many vintage pattern books he sold me. What a find!!!!! The following week I found nylon yarn to make the bag. This is definitely a book that will get lots of use. I have had 2 requests so far. Well somewhere between packing , and moving I will begin this project Yet the scarf must be finished before I begin this bag. My new rule "Finish a project before you begin a new one" and yes I will tell you about my friends Rules but that will have to be another day.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

"If I see anything Knitting I buy it"

My friend "D..........." goes to garage sales and visits craig's list and ebay daily. Can you imagine what her stash looks like!!!! You are going to have to image it because she has forbidden me from taking any photographs. (It's a security issue) All I can tell you is that she stopped counts of needles at 1000 pairs!!!!! Mention a needle and "D..." will have it, and if she doesn't she will find it within 12 hours online or at a garage sale. D..... says ""If I see anything Knitting I buy it". I love "D...." dearly (she taught me how to do continental knitting!!) and she is a great friend, but I'm going to have to find a new territory to garage sale in.......cause she always gets to the Knitting stuff first!!!!!

What a Stash!!

Spending a few hours in the attic yesterday was quite interesting. I know many of us talk about our stash and most people consider the term stash to refer to "yarn". I think we need to think outside the box here, because we knitters have more then a stash of yarn, well at least I do. How about Needles !!!! Stitch Markers!!!! Pattern books!!!!!!! Oh let's not forget the "Projects in Progress" !!!! You know what I mean, don't you?

Getting ready for a garage sale and future move to a smaller space, forces you to go through your things and make the decision to keep or sell. A hard decision to make, but I've developed some guidelines that may be of help to you also.

Rule 1- Any pattern dated prior to 1988 is considered an antique and must be preserved. Although if you think of it, at some point all the pattern magazines will be older then 20 years - so keep them all!!!!

Rule 2- Knitting books are reference materials and are of great value. I noticed that once a book is out of print it becomes most desirable - did you see the Knitting book that is going for over $400 on ebay!!! Keep them all!!! I prefer to think of this as a decision in retirement planning.

Rule 3- Keep at least 1 complete set of needles (circular, straight and double pointed, crochet hooks, tatting, afghan, hair pin lace) in every medium; wood, bamboo, aluminum, bone, plastic etc. To think of it, I travel a lot so perhaps two sets of each would be a wiser decision, and there is always a friend who wants to start a project... or learn how to knit.... so keep them all!!

(The problem is at this point, I know I don't have two sets of all those needles. I'll have to do some online shopping when I sign off here.)

Rule 4- Yarn.........just keep it all!!!!

Next time I'll introduce you to my friend "D...." She has her own set of rules and let me tell you, they are good ones---better then mine that's for sure!!!!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

See you in September

The welcome back to school has been wonderful. People are full of energy and looking forward to the new school year. The kids are excited about seeing their friends and beginning new friendships. Knitting definitely took a backseat all week, between setting up my classroom, reviewing and revising my plans, helping out our new teachers, and reading 3 boxes of mail, any down time was spent completely still (OK asleep is more like it)

Thought I'd add photos of my current project.
Jezebel in Merino, lace weight by Southwest Trading Co.
The pattern calls for beads but my last project was beaded and I wanted to do a no bead piece for a change of pace.

What do you think of my stitch markers, My jewelry designer daughter taught me how to make them!!!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

End of Summer Vacation

The past 8 weeks have been wonderful, visiting my daughter and my best friend (and her family) in California Wine Country, but it's time to travel home and begin the new school year. Looking forward to seeing the kids (my students) and starting classes. I have some great new ideas that I'll implement, new recipes and projects.

Although I have plenty of yarn and great new knitting and crochet projects to begin at home I could not resist picking up more yarn at a garage sale ($1 a skein) Paton Merino and Chunky (new yarn from a store that closed in town) and of course in the name of research (ha -ha) when visiting the lys, it is only polite to purchase something!!!

Just finished this child's sweater. Top down with a great new technique, but more on that later.

Friday, August 22, 2008

New for me in Napa

Hi, Well it's been a long while but I have been very busy knitting---and although I am on the computer daily -I must make a note to visit and update this blog at least once a week!!!
Found the most beautiful yarn shop the other day in one of the most beautiful parts of this earth.
Napa ( Somona is just if not more beautiful but back to the yarn) The shop is set up by color, every skein is tucked into lovely wood shelves from floor to ceiling, there is plenty of room to move around and a wonderful oval table in the window for classes, sharing ideas and chatting. Yarns on First, Napa California, In all my travels I make sure to check out the local yarn shops and this one rates top on my list, Friendly knowledgeable service.

These are two of the projects I had been working on, the blue top is done in Knit one, Crochet two Baby Bamboo-absolutely luscious to work with and the pattern is from Best of Interweave Knits
The other is a sad story of a lost scarf. The crochet pieces you see are part of a beautiful scarf I created for my daughter. The scarf disappeared shortly after it was completed. We have no idea where or exactly when. Hopefully someone found it and is enjoying it's warmth.