Sunday, December 13, 2009

Up All Night

Have you ever had an endless night?   It could have been due to a chance first meeting, a great party, a newborn or one of the thousand other reasons/events that life throws you.    I had an endless night last night-no desire or need to sleep--I was knitting-endless knitting, that brought me peace, calm and a clear mind (that's unusual in the middle of the afternoon, let alone in the middle of the night) .  I had to force myself to get to bed.   My sleep patterns have been strange lately-sleeping til 8 a.m.or falling asleep at 3 p.m. and not getting out of bed til the next morning.   Is this what retirement does for you?   Maybe it's the adjustment my body is making after following a bell schedule for MOST of my life.  What do you think?
The Sunset in Hilton Head

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Making discoveries

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving
I have discovered a few knitting groups in the area over the last few weeks  There is the knit night at the local pub (every other Monday night) and Anita's place "The International Knitting Studio".  Anita is a jewel- a woman who has knit most of her life, and is willing to share all her knowledge in her charmig way.  Kind, friendly and patient in all that she does.   I also joined the Newcomer Club and they have a knitting group also.  
Knitting update:
Surprise Baby Jacket-from the Opinionated Knitter by Elizabeth Zimmerman- Yarn BabyBoo/Sidkar in pink, lilac and turquiose. Absolutely loved making this - great to see how a strange shaped piece could be transformed into a lovely jacket
Finished some xmas gifts today- can't post them till after the 25th of course. 

By the way- my laptop is driving me crazy-every other key stroke is NOT showing on the screen!!Do I have some kind of bug?  I'm going to leave this sentence uncorreced  (See what I ean? that's mean!!)