Friday, December 15, 2017

Cat pods-a beginning

Right now our community is building up strength and resilience after the devastating fires two months ago.  Any and all kindness adds to that strength and helps in the grieving process.   When I first returned to Sonoma and witnessed the loss, it was overwhelming and sad.   In my other life, I'm a hypnotist and Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) practitioner.   I have been meeting with groups and individuals to assist them in grieving and moving forward.  Most who have lost their homes (over 5000 structures were destroyed) are still in shock, yet doing their best to figure out "what is the next step".   For some it is rebuilding, for some it is moving into a new life path, and for most who are in survival mode, it is about allowing themselves to grieve the loss and find some kind of normalcy again.   There have been many fundraising efforts and events.  There is a active search for lost pets and many have been reunited with their owners, every day.  People are going into the burned out communities and hanging holiday lights where nothing is left.    Light gives hope and peace.

This may sound strange but perhaps you have experienced this affect; I stopped knitting/crocheting for a while during and after the fires.   Just could not do it.  All my energy was focused on Tapping and there was no desire to create.  But I have so much yarn---bags, totes, plastic containers, baskets and drawers full of yarn.  If there is any type of container out there I probably have it and it is filled with yarn.   So what can I do with all this yarn?  How can I add kindness to this community?  My goal for 2018 is to create knit/crochet donation items.     I had to start with something simple.  

CAT Pods for the shelter in town.   I made bunch and now on to hand warmers.