Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Knitting on Zoom/ Staying Connected

More Zoom knitting  

In addition to meeting with a group from my class at Vintage House in Sonoma, I have been zoom knitting with others as well.   Over the years there have been various groups of knitters group in town.  We have met at Pubs, Parks and Churches.   There was no question that meeting together would be part of our Covid life, but the only way to do it was via Zoom.   My local friends (and those who have moved away) and I met weekly for a few hours...knitting or crocheting, sharing our lives and helping each other out not only with knitting tips but with emotional support.. we know that we have each other as friends.  Soon we will be meeting at the Pub..lunch outside, masks on and together.  

So I thought, what about those life long friends who knit....shall we meet also?    So yes, we have been meeting..once or twice a month.   It's been wonderful..and knitting had helped my friends refocus and create some calm in their lives.   It may be a long while til we are together again but that's OK, I get to see them now.