Monday, March 30, 2015

A long time friendship... I met my friend in 7th grade.    Marj is  sweet, kind and giving.  She enjoys her life, family and friendships with joy and happiness... She is also a knitter  and one day she asked me what she could knit for me....boy that was so nice.  You know as a knitter, we rarely get hand knit gifts from others.  She had just learned how to make a moebius and I said that a rich, dark wine color would be great.     I love my cowl............ Thanks M

Moebius Cowl 
She is a peach, and she collects pears.  

So here you go,  knit it in shades of Malabrigo, multi strands.  Think I found the pattern on Ravelry

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Another reason why I live here:  

 Sheep grazing in the vineyard.....

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Throw Back to 2014:   Keeping toes warm--December 2014

My friend Chris needs to keep his toes warm, so I thought I'd give this pattern (in the book below) a go.   The yarn is "Love"(exterior) and the lining is crocheted with this delightfully soft, fun yarn (which I purchased for another project---to be posted soon) It's Bernat Tizzy.    Chris loves his new slipper/shoe.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Throw Back to 2014:  The Quake

We all have projects waiting in the wings...well my wings got a lot shaken in August when the 6.0 earthquake bounced me around a bit.   I'd like to say it got me out of bed, but the truth is in my attempt to run (who knows where I think I was going?) that shaking pushed my right back in bed.   Living only 6 miles from the epicenter of the quake, I was surprised and thankful, how little was damaged.

I guess living is such a beautiful place is the trade-off for the possibility of disaster.   Even as I sit here typing,  the house did a little creak, my heart jumped, but I wouldn't think it's time to leave.  For a few days after the quake, I went into a state of heighten alertness, cautious and everything seemed to slow down.    I drove over to Napa and saw the real damage a quake can cause.  Again thankful that everyone I know is OK...........and asked myself "what are you waiting for?"    There is so much you want and have to do.

I went into overdrive.   All those projects, all that yarn (and fabric), all the time....must not go to waste.  I finished the quilt top and took it to Broadway Quilts to have in quilted.   Next I took a  look in my stash to prioritize projects.

I pulled out cotton yarn I purchased at Blue Bird Yarns in Sausalito about 4 years ago.  This is a crocheted market bag.....just the prefect bag for my daughter's trips to the Farmer's Market.

I crochet the square together