Sunday, December 13, 2009

Up All Night

Have you ever had an endless night?   It could have been due to a chance first meeting, a great party, a newborn or one of the thousand other reasons/events that life throws you.    I had an endless night last night-no desire or need to sleep--I was knitting-endless knitting, that brought me peace, calm and a clear mind (that's unusual in the middle of the afternoon, let alone in the middle of the night) .  I had to force myself to get to bed.   My sleep patterns have been strange lately-sleeping til 8 a.m.or falling asleep at 3 p.m. and not getting out of bed til the next morning.   Is this what retirement does for you?   Maybe it's the adjustment my body is making after following a bell schedule for MOST of my life.  What do you think?
The Sunset in Hilton Head

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