Sunday, September 14, 2008

What a Stash!!

Spending a few hours in the attic yesterday was quite interesting. I know many of us talk about our stash and most people consider the term stash to refer to "yarn". I think we need to think outside the box here, because we knitters have more then a stash of yarn, well at least I do. How about Needles !!!! Stitch Markers!!!! Pattern books!!!!!!! Oh let's not forget the "Projects in Progress" !!!! You know what I mean, don't you?

Getting ready for a garage sale and future move to a smaller space, forces you to go through your things and make the decision to keep or sell. A hard decision to make, but I've developed some guidelines that may be of help to you also.

Rule 1- Any pattern dated prior to 1988 is considered an antique and must be preserved. Although if you think of it, at some point all the pattern magazines will be older then 20 years - so keep them all!!!!

Rule 2- Knitting books are reference materials and are of great value. I noticed that once a book is out of print it becomes most desirable - did you see the Knitting book that is going for over $400 on ebay!!! Keep them all!!! I prefer to think of this as a decision in retirement planning.

Rule 3- Keep at least 1 complete set of needles (circular, straight and double pointed, crochet hooks, tatting, afghan, hair pin lace) in every medium; wood, bamboo, aluminum, bone, plastic etc. To think of it, I travel a lot so perhaps two sets of each would be a wiser decision, and there is always a friend who wants to start a project... or learn how to knit.... so keep them all!!

(The problem is at this point, I know I don't have two sets of all those needles. I'll have to do some online shopping when I sign off here.)

Rule 4- Yarn.........just keep it all!!!!

Next time I'll introduce you to my friend "D...." She has her own set of rules and let me tell you, they are good ones---better then mine that's for sure!!!!

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