Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Favorite Yarn shops Cape Cod

Summers in Cape Cod-I've been going there for many years, to visit a great friend.  Vacationed with my daughter 20 yrs ago, or to meet a group of friends from high school or just hung out with my friend for a while.  The Cape is Beautiful.    In addition to the quaint towns, fantastic lobster rolls and cod, a beautiful seashore and lighthouse, there is yarn.   I've been to a few shops around the Cape but these are 2 of my favorites (and you can shop online.)

Adventures in Knitting-This is a shop I visit every time I'm in Chatham.  Even attending a weekend retreat that they sponsored in Provincetown over 12 years ago.   It was lovely and the featured instructor was Vivian introduction to Domino Knitting.  Loved it.

Now when I visit, it to see Claire (a wonderful and talented instructor) and to sit and knit with the girls.   This shop is fantastic; big, roomy, a huge selection of yarns, books and other knit/crochet essentials and an  instructional and meeting area with a table that fits at least 20 people.  I know that for now with Covid that if they do meet it's outside in the parking lot socially distanced and with masks.

A Great Yarn. So sad to say that this wonderful little used book and new yarn shop is closing by the end of the year.  All items are 15% off in September and each month that percentage will go up.  They carry beautiful yarns, kits and knitting notions. My friends and I would spend some time in Chatham in August at a local hotel/motel just a few steps from this shop.   I will miss going there...wouldn't it be nice if someone bought it and continued offering this wonderful service to the community

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