Saturday, September 05, 2020

Tarndiwot - Australia Feb 2020

Tarndie.  Feb 27, 2020.  
 A beautiful visit to a homestead in Victoria, Australia.  The ride was about 2 hours from Melbourne and the views were outstanding.  The countryside is dotted with sheep and the combination of blue skys, green and golden fields and breathtaking vistas along the way made this ride wonderful.   

When we arrived at the Tarndie Homestead we were greeting warmly by the owners.  Each one took a group through a guided tour, covering the history and workings of this farm.    Very gracious at all times and so proud of the 140 year heritage this family has created on this land. I've included a link to their website so that you can explore for yourself. Our tour included a typical lunch, meat pie and beet salad, served on the veranda of the original home.  Then it was off to shop. 

 You can see the results of my purchase below.  

“Polwarth Sheep are naturally white, however Tarndie has a specialised flock of black + coloured sheep variations in shades that are unique and sought after. The members of the first original flock still grow at Tarndwarncoort + their wool is treasured by crafters all over the world. ”

— Tom Dennis

Winter on My Mind by Melanie Berg
Great Ocean Road Woollen Mill Fine Merino grey
Tarndie Polwarth 4 ply natural-The is a wonderful, soft, smooth yarn and so easy to knit. 

37 Roseneath Rd 
Warncoort VIC 3243 


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