Wednesday, June 10, 2020

My day in Sydney Feb 2020

I have been extremely fortunate to have been able to travel to Sydney this last winter in order to go on a Knitting Cruise though Australia and New Zealand.    Absolutely beautiful places and I'll share a bit of my travels in the future but today let's focus on knit stuff.  
Our groups boarded a van and traveled outside the city to visit Jane Slicer-Smith's home studio.  She is a prolific designer and wonderful hostess.   Her  book Swing, Swagger and Drape is lovey and you may have seen her designs before.   She has a line of wool (just knit my swatch yesterday and it is so soft and textured)

Although I had no intention of purchasing yarn...when there are so many samples to try-on and you fall in love with the details and workmanship, it very difficult to walk away.   I doubt I'll be in Australia any time soon>

I did chose the Windsor Jacket and hope to have it complete by my next knitting cruise  (

Our next stop was a local yarn shop in the city of Sydney and again I did purchase yarn, but this time it was for one of the three patterns I brought with me to find a matching yarn.    This time around I made the decision to have a few patterns picked out prior to the trip in order to take some control of the amount of yarn I purchased.   I think my plan worked out well and I've completed one design since I arrived back home.   But more of that in another post. 

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