Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Jan 9 2006

The poncho has been started and I was right, the yarn is lovely to work with. Now I am crocheting this piece and although this is a knitting blog, I will be showing (off)my crochet skills also. (I'm not really this boasterous in real life, trust me!!!) Photos to follow.
What I really wanted to chat about was the wonderful book that arrived at my doorstep yesterday. Totally aware that the box contained knitting books, I kept my hands off till all the chores were done. (sounds like we're in a past century!!!)
"Confessions of a Knitting Heretic" by Annie Modesitt validated my knitting style. I "discovered" the combination stitch on my own, when friend Donna taught me the continental method of holding yarn, over 25 years ago. Nothing else felt right, or smooth or fast enough. Now mind you, I didn't realize I was doing it wrong, until my recent knitting research began. My stitch is even and the yarn flows so effortlessly. Thank you Annie, wish I had discovered you and your ideas earlier. Better late then never.

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