Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's not blue this time!!!

Realizing that almost everything I knit in the last year is blue, was quite a revelation!!! I love color, but obviously blue must be the favorite. Although all of my knitting is for others, somehow I must believe in my heart that blue is their favorite color also. Perhaps it's the soothing feeling of blue, light blues, sky blues, ocean blues, cloudy, dusty blues, that draw me to this hue. Whether it is bright, jewel or muted my hands and mind are relaxed and calmed by blue.

Today was a wonderful day. Took a pilates class and then dropped quilts off for the local Project Linus group. The group was meeting at a quilt and knit shop nearby.

My students have been working on these quilts over the years, a little bit at a time. Each quilt passed on to the next student who stitched a row of blocks together, added a border, layered the fabrics or hand stitched ties. I could not tell you the number of students who touched these quilts, it could be in the hundreds-many hands make light work.

Project Linus is a great organization. Today's meeting was my first, but definitely not my last. Women and young girls sat and sewed squares or labels and crocheted and knit blankets. Many hands make light work! I ended up spending the afternoon-enjoying the company and feeling of giving. Today is a wonderful day.

Oh by the way, the blanket I worked on was multicolored, jewel tones with a bit of blue and I purchased yarn for my next project!!! Purple, it's not blue but pretty close.

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