Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sunny and Hot

Again the days have slipped away-but all good things to share. Traveled to California with my cat and she is definitely a California Cat. Loves it here and so do I --- My knitting has suffered though--hardly touched a needle and when I did it was to crochet- again for my daughter. This is the photo of the piece I'm working on in Patons Glace-soft green and size E needle. Better Homes and Garden pattern. Once it is done I'll post the final product. One of these days I'll make myself something!!!


Jackie said...

I have just recently discovered your blog. Are you going to continue blogging? I too am a retired teacher (starting my third academic year of substituting in VA) and was looking forward to reading your blog. Hope you continue!!

Inés Alegre said...

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Good luck! :D