Monday, January 25, 2010

Back to reality

It's been a busy couple of weeks, well really who am I kidding---I have been relaxing, sunning and taking in all the beauty of the wonderful island of Maui---- Great views of nature, whales so close that you can hear them sing, Waves so tall that the surfers get lost in the white water, flowers so lovely that it's hard to believe the colors that exist in the world.   Sunsets and rainbows, yes rainbows-it rained but just a touch.

I did knit the whole time.  Socks from the bottom up, loved it.  Knitting More Circles Around Socks,  Great photos and a wonderful way to make socks two at a time on circular needles.,  Just my cup of tea, or should I say Mai Tai.   


Caffeine Girl said...

I am so jealous! Before I became a teacher, Farm Boy took me to Maui for a week in January, and it was amazing! My favorite little town was Paia.

Elizabeth Knits said...

Paia looked like a great town to stroll-we drove through on our way to Mama's Fish House-unbeleiveable food!