Thursday, June 09, 2011

So it begins -- Knit One Knit All Pattern #1

 Knit One Knit All  Chambered Nautilus Tam

picking up I-cord stitch
Although my caplet is not done I decided to begin the first pattern in Knit One Knit All. Saturday is Knit in Public day and this is a wonderful piece to work on, the caplet is too intense to be able to knit and talk.   It is a spiral I-cord beret.  You know I love spiral designs, it must be the hypnotist in me!!  The pattern is written as Elizabeth Zimmerman would have written it and I realized that I needed to read the directions over twice and then experiment with the stitch.  I began with a chunky yarn on a size 7 needle to get the gauge desired, but found the fabric to be stiff and the spiral was not lying as it should.  Then taking Cascade 220 superwash in a lovely brown I began all over again.   The fabric swirl is created by knitting across 7 stitches, including short rows and attaching to the I cord you create in the row.  My knitting style is unconventional, the legs of my stitches do not lie on the front of the needle, so many times I need to re-load the stitch in order to get the desired result.   I found that in the beginning of this project I was not following the directions as clearly written and created a new version at the attachment to the I-cord, with a second raised  row running along side.   Once I realized my error and how to create a more seamless attachment the spiral took on a new look.   See below.


Katsuragi said...

I'm so glad I wasn't the only one having issues with the beginning of the pattern. Specifically when you get to k6, slip 7th k'wise, pick up half an i-cord stitch from first row, knit 2tog tbl, turn.
At first when I did that I ended up with one stitch on one needle and 6 stitches on the other needle. I spent hours recreating and trying different things and finally ended up slipping the k2tog stitch back onto the needle with the 6 other stitches. I had someone who's been knitting for over 20 years look at the pattern and even she was not able to help me.

Elizabeth Knits said...

Thanks for your comment.. I figure that althoug the directions are not what we may familiar with..tKing each word as it is the motto here.. For the picking up at the i cord part can pick up half the icord stitch with the left needle ,slip the slipped stitch back to the left needle and knit or. Pick the i cord stitch with the right needle and knit off the right needle. Which is really doing a yarn over and passover the 2 first stiches on the right hand needle (slipped stitch and i cord) now turn and knit.

Katsuragi said...

That's True, I frogged what I had an am going to try it again, it just wasn't looking appealing to me, I didn't like the way the k2tog's were coming out. I'm crossing my fingers this time around works out better lol!