Sunday, August 14, 2011

Enjoying the craft and workmanship

I have always wanted to crochet a bedspread. Crochet is where my interest in fiber began. It always seemed such a task..yet I have the materials in my stash.   This is not my work, bit it is lovely and a wonderful bargain ..less then $20 at a local garage sale.. It needed a touch of loving care, delicately washed and sun dried.  There are a few loose chains that need repair, but overall this is a beautiful piece.  Ecru in color and not a mark on it.   Probably stored in a cedar chest waiting for a special guest to visit.   I decided a few years ago that nothing should be tucked away waiting to be enjoyed.  So out came the silver (a gift from my brother) and any other items in my cedar chest that could be used and enjoyed everyday.  This coverlet is laying across my quest room bed.  I'm just waiting for my guests.

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