Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Looking back at all the projects of 2014 in no particular order-
Every once in a while I'll take a look back at 2014--I was so surprised to see the number of projects I had completed.

Knit Swirl-

Swirl in the beginning:  I began this project in March of 2013 and it was completed (after 12 months of rest) in September 2014.   Just in time for Vogue Knitting.

I was afraid I didn't have enough yarn.  When I returned to Stitches to pick up more they had discontinued the the find something else to add to the mix.  I did find a lovely variegated wool, but as it turned out I had enough of the original what shall I knit with all that variegated wool?  

Swirl complete:  so warm and cozy

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