Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Sharing a Wool Week Adventure

Paula is courageous and adventurous. She shared the experience of traveling (alone) to Wool Week on the Shetland Islands at a meeting of the Sonoma Community Center Fiber Arts group.   She described the wonder of the landscapes, the creativity and resilience of the townspeople, the food, the fibers and the wonderful instructors.    It was a great presentation and I would guess that she inspired most to take a crafting trip.  

Here she is with her Sonoma County Fair Award winning blanket.   All natural wool (no dyes), knit in the round and then Steeked.   I think Paula had over 700 + stitches on the needle as she knit the border.    A true labor of love and respect for the craft.

This is a Shetland Style Shawl, knit by Suzzane.

Absolutely stunning.

Ladies, Thank you for sharing.

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