Wednesday, January 29, 2020

2019 Recap and my new plan...

I know I do this every New year...start out blogging, review what I knit/crocheted in the prior year and set out to commit myself to blog on a regular basis.  Based on my posts in the past, somehow the blogging stops.
Well I'm doing this again, but this time I have a new plan.  And this time it will work!!!!

Summer and Fall 2019

Butterfly cowl, Shifty, The Throwback
Gumdrop, Sue's No Holes cardigan,  Lanayolivos cap, Toft Sheep 
Night Shift, Granny bag @esc, Bob Wilson's Solid Granny Bag

Spring and Summer 

Fair Isle cap-Dublin, Wool and Honey (A Mowry)
my creations a cap and Quilted Princess on Ravelry/Love Knitting
3 Color Cashmere (joji locatelli), Weekender (A Mowry)
Estonian Dream & Seafarer's Cap (Beth Hall)

Brioche - Rosenkranz cap and cowl
wooliewonderscrochet  baby dress
Lakeside crochet cap

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