Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Knit One Knit All --One down more to follow

The first project in Elizabeth Zimmerman's wonderful book Knit One, Knit All is complete.  The Spiral Hat  (yarn Cascade 220 super wash)

Knitting an I-cord and creating a fabric (piece) at the same time is pure genius

I found during the construction of the hat that by changing the way I picked up the side stitch the look of the join changed.

Sometimes I knit two stitches together from the front, or the back or I would pick up a stitch with out knitting it and yarn over.
You may be able to see the effect on the spiral above the outside edge.  It's only a slight difference. 
For my next project I'm going to take notes on everything I do or adjust.   What an innovator Eliz Z is .....I love this technique and can see using it to attach I-cord to any project easily.. what a great way to add a hem!!!

I'd  like to knit this piece again using a different yarn, something with a little mohair or angora.  

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