Sunday, February 14, 2016

More Love

You may have heard of the fires in Northern California last summer (2015).  It was devastating for the entire community affected by this storm of fire.   Some parts of a neighborhood would be burned away on one side of the street, and the homes on the other side of the street were perfectly fine.  It was amazing.  I can not imagine what it would be like if someone knocked at my door and said you have a minute to get out.     The community around Cobb and Middletown rallied together to help those homeless, to help the animals and the children.    it's devastating to lose everything. One of the efforts that was made was to make quilts for the children.   The goal was to collect 400 quilts to give to pre-K through second grade.   Well  the community came together and quilts came in from all over the country.  860 quilts were donated .  The quilts were brought to the local schools before Christmas, and the children had the opportunity to pick out that they wanted .

Sharing the love.  

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