Wednesday, November 02, 2016

San Sebastian--Yarn shop Established in the early 1900"s

What a charming shop.  Our tour guide in San Sebastian took us to all the beautiful sites in this city on the Bay of Biscay.  As we walk to one of the many parks, I asked if she knew of a yarn shop in town.   Well of course Eskerne ( did know of a place, she knows all the places to go in San Sebastian.   So we walked to this shop, just around the corner.  Large space with classroom, sitting area and many yarns and notions.   I loved it and I guess I was beaming because in addition to the lovely yarns, gadgets and patterns I purchased, the owner threw a few goodies into my bag.   She was very proud of the shop and of the fact that the shop had been located in the same place and running successfully for the last 110 years!!!!  Wow.   Now all I need to do is return to this beautiful city and find that shop again.   It is near Plaza de Guipuzcoa.  

A little bit a breakfast in San Sebastian

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Unknown said...

I know this post is five years old, but did you ever find out the name of the yarn shop you visited? I'll be in San Sebastián later this month and I'd like to go.