Monday, July 24, 2017

Adventure in knitting---Learning new techniques

Went to Beverly's Fabric and Craft shop the other day, with the intention of just picking up fabric for a project I'm working on.  I did find the fabric and it was exactly what I needed, but since I had some free time I figured walking around the store would be fun.  So I found this tiny skein of yarn, so cute. Just enough to make a pair of baby socks.  Could not resist...........

I usually knit socks toe up, two at a time but since the project was so tiny thought that 4 or 5 double points would be best...and of course out of the thousands ( maybe hundreds) of needles I own, I did not have the correct size.   So I needed to order needles..I like knit picks, so knit picks it was.

After casting on and knitting the ribbed cuff, I researched heels on You Tube.  Watched the Japanese short row, German Short row and finally found this Short row method that worked beautifully for this fine yarn. Here it is from Knitting Blooms

Kitchener Stitch is a great way to finish the toe and Guess What I found a knitted Kitchener Stitch and loved the way it worked.   Much easier to me and definitely a smooth outcome for such a tiny sock.

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