Saturday, July 01, 2017

Rainbow at the end of June

I saw this and just had to have it.   
Well it was a fabric quilt, but I decided that I would rather have it as a crocheted Baby Afghan.    After much trial, error, ripping out and restitching I am finally satisfied with the result.  

Rainbow Heart Love on Ravelry

This piece is done using alternating rows of cluster stitch and half double crochet.   
A bit of texture and lots of color.   The pattern includes stitch charts and written instructions (color chart too).

My intention was to make this a corner to corner design but I found that with the number of color changes within each row, hiding floats (strands of yarn) was a challenge and I was not happy with the look on the back.  This is a reversible blanket.  

 This piece is crocheted side to side so you are only working with three colors at a time.   
You can get this patten at my  Ravelry shop   

How To: Changing colors, hiding the float and setting up for the color change in the next row.

The key to hiding floats is to set up the dropped color yarn so that it is in the correct location when you pick it up on the next row.    Notice that it is important to pick up the new color yarn on the last stitch of the first color.   

On cluster row-
1.     On the last dc of the cluster, pick up new color and pull through the last two (2) loops on hook.  

      Always bring the color yarn you are changing from (white yarn in photo) to the front of your work.   Place it on top of new color yarn strand and below the tip of your hook. 

Skip 2 stitches,  Single Crochet 
White yarn will be anchored to the front, when you make the next stitch, a single crochet. 
 This yarn will be properly placed for pick up on the return row. 

Notice the white yarn is hanging in the front.

Yarn over, pull through, yarn over and pull through 2 loops. The White yarn is anchored to the front.  

Changing Colors on a Half Double Crochet Stitch

hdc- yo, insert hook, yo draw up st,  3 loops on hook.  Pick up new color, yo and draw through 3 loops 

Ravelry shop   

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