Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Vogue San Francisco 2018

Somehow the year goes by and all the things I wanted to post get lost in the here is one of the things I wanted to share.

Vogue Knitting San Francisco-Sept. 2018 

There were so many classes to choose from and so many mini events also, 
but I thought I share a bit about the marketplace.  

The MarketPlace

The Market Place at Vogue Knitting has everything...baskets, books, bag, needles, Fashion shows, a Rowan exhibit of the last 40 years, Art work, sit and knit space, and prizes.
 (Oh and a wine bar also).  The pace is just what I like..slow and enlightening.   I was able to preview the show on Thursday night after my class with Julia Farwell-Clay, all about steeking.  The class was lovely, informative and definitely took the fear out of steeking a knit in the round fair isle sweater (cutting into your stitches - yeeek! )

To be continued:  The Classes

A look at the Market place.
Nicky Epstein Gauge swatches=Bears

Student Art Occupational Therapy Prog. 
Friend modeling her Rowan Knit at the show

Carol Macdonald Fiber Artist

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