Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Favorite Knit Shop - Southwest

    Santa Fe is a wonderful place to visit. I met a long time friend, her sister and her sisters' friend in this lovely place.   We stayed right off the plaza and visited museums, an art and craft show, shops and restaurants.  We also took the local tour tram and visited 10,000 Waves Spa.  A lot packed into a few short days.    A lovely place and wonderful hosts.   I did not visit a wonderful knit shop in Santa Fe and I understand it is just a few minutes from the hotel.  Guess I'll have to go back.   

Before I flew home, I stayed in an Albuquerque Old Town Bed and Breakfast, the Bottger Inn.  A lovely place and wonderful hosts.   

But the best thing.....I found my most favorite yarn shop ever in Albuquerque.   

What would your ideal yarn shop to have?

I'd like a variety of yarns including local spinners and dyers, a welcoming and knowledgable staff, a great selections of tools and sample projects on display, a comfortable, well lit place to work alongside others and cats.

The Yarn Shop at Nob Hill - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Stephen Wests  Suriously Holey

 The Shop is in a fantastic area of the town, next to the University of New Mexico campus and Nob Hill, an area filled with shops and a variety of ethnic restaurants.  I spent the entire day there.   What else should one do when the temperature is 106 degrees.  Better to stay out of the heat and knit.   My unusual purchase was Wolf yarn..looking forward to making mittens!

This is a beautiful cat, deep brown coloring. He just roamed the shop. About an hour into my stay, a young couple stopped in the shop in order to adopt the cat. The shop takes cats from the local shelter and helps them connect to new owners.  A Wonderful thing.  

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