Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Nifty Gadgets for Knitting and Crochet

 Three gadgets that I find so handy for knitting and crochet

1. Gauge measuring tool (top left side)  This tool grips the fabric so that you have a set area to measure without a tape measure or gauge tool shifting as you count.

2.  Circular needle tubes (bottom left) --These are fantastic metal tubes with a rubber cap.  The cap has an opening to insert the needle tips.. very clever holding your stitches in place and protecting your needles at the same time.   Love these.

3. Magnetic pattern place holder (bottom right).   My go to way of keeping track of my place in a pattern is post-it notes, but these magnetic place holders are another great way to stay on track.   The magnets are attached to ribbon and cover the width of a page.   This and a simple clip board really makes knitting or crochet patterns easy to follow.

I also love my bag collection..when a yarn shop offers a bag with their logo or name printed on it, I'm sure to make that purchase.   It's a way of recalling my visit to that shop and a memory of the trip made to reach it.
This blue project bag is from the yarn shop Yarn Diva and more in Hillsdale, New Jersey.   (April 2019)

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